6. Picture Perfect


Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet 
And so are you

But the roses have wilted
The violets are decayed
The sugar bowl's empty
And I'm on a midnight raid

Papa, I didn’t.. I haven’t… I would never touch drugs. I promise. Please believe me,” I pleaded. The palpable uncertainty that surrounded him made my heart feel heavy, as if someone had dumped a watermelon on it. A huge, round, heavy watermelon.

I waited patiently, waiting for him to say that he believed me but.. 1 minute passed….another.. a third, before Apa Aaisha broke through the thick suffocating silence, “Haalah, we really hope you are speaking the truth, I really do but it’s just that all tangible evidence points to the opposite, so can you see the dilemma we’re facing?”

Annoyance surged through me like a crashing wave as I answered her, “Fine! You really want to know?…

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