14. Picture Perfect


Oceanus, this one’s for you. I caught all your ‘subtle’ hints

Please read Astaghfirullah 3 X before continuing.

I woke up the next morning with a new vigour. I was determined to fight back. I was a proper UK citizen and I’m sure I had rights. Now just to put my plan into action..

I greeted Apa Aaisha cheerfully and waited until we finished breakfast to make my request. By then she was already eyeing me strangely, probably even more so because I’d even helped with the dishes.

Seizing the moment I asked, “Can I go home now?” The answer was quick and short, “No!” “But I want to go home,” I demanded. “You clearly are not capable of looking after yourself and your father works long hours so… No!”

“You have to take me home. I refuse to stay. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to keep me here…

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13. Picture Perfect


The first person you see smiling after reading this post, make the following Dua for them:

Adhakallahu Sinnak

May Allah keep you smiling always

I spent the next few days being as horrible as I could, not cleaning behind myself, being rude and trying my hardest to make her give up and send me back home.

All that was happening was that I was becoming frustrated and guilt was plaguing me. How was she not getting mad? I ate and would just leave the dishes. Wordlessly, she’d do the dishes. She’d say something and I wouldn’t even raise my head to acknowledge I’d heard her. She’d ask me something and I’d bark out one word answer’s – but only after she’s repeated the question numerous times. How was it possible for someone to have so much patience?

Even Papa tired of me after a while so how come she wasn’t?…

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12. Picture Perfect


Please think of 3 of the favours Allah has given you and say Alhamdulillah 3 times.

I spun around surveying the tiny room. Okay not so tiny but still, it was nothing compared to my lovely spacious room back home. Not that it mattered, I currently hated Papa. How could he kick me out of my own home. Which father is so heartless?

I’d tried everything short of throwing a tantrum, I’d even cried. Papa didn’t budge though, his steely determined eyes boring through me as he murmured, “It’s for your own good sweetheart,” just about broke my heart. Own good my foot! He just wanted to get rid of me. Everyone gets tired of me after a while and they all seem just too happy to get rid of me. Not that it mattered, I’m sure ‘Matron’ will get sick and tired of me soon enough. I’ll just have…

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11. Picture Perfect


Credit goes to Farah from xoxomemongirl. I got a job for all of you, since it looks like she’s ending her blog soon, please go beg her to join us here at COARIN once she’s done. We’d love to have her join us

Please read SubhanAllah Alhmdulillah and Allahu Akbar 3 x before reading this post. 


Finishing up with the dishes I wiped my hands dry and started with my Tasbih Fathimi. Seriously, the days I skipped it, I could actually see the difference. The housework and chore would drag and feel like it took forever.

I’d finished all my before bed ‘rituals’ and was about to jump into bed when my phone beeped.

I lifted it and was unsurprised when I saw that it was from Diana, she probably wanted to inform me that she wouldn’t be coming into work tomorrow. I opened the message and the contents…

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10. Picture Perfect


I lifted the piece of black cloth from the drawer where I’d stashed it and held it up. I felt a twinge of guilt at the thought that it might be considered stolen. It was the same Niqaab that I’d snatched from Apa Aaisha.

I bit my lip as I remembered learning as a child that even if you took something from your siblings etc, it was still considered stealing. But it wasn’t like she asked for it back right? She knew I had it. Brushing of my conscience, I held it up to my face and tied it.

I couldn’t help but stare for a few moments in shock at the person reflected in the mirror in front of me. I looked completely different, even I didn’t recognise myself so there was no way that Mrs. Frere would. I stuffed a bunch of pillows and placed a wig at…

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9. Picture Perfect


Tomatoes are red
 Blue cabbage is blue
Pesky housekeepers aren't sweet
And neither is stew.

The cabbage gets wilted
The carrots look dead
The broccoli gets wilted
And I'd rather eat butter and bread

I scowled and slammed the door. To hell with pesky, irritating housekeepers. Why did she have to be so controlling?

Of course, I knew it wasn’t her fault. It was that stupid ‘matrons’, if she could just keep her nose where it belonged, I wouldn’t be having this problem. If she didn’t complain to papa then he wouldn’t have asked Mrs Frere to wait till he came home before knocking off for the day and that I mustn’t be allowed to go anywhere because I was grounded.

Still scowling, I surveyed my surroundings and sighed, I could climb out my window but Mrs Frere was watching the entrance gate like a hawk so I wouldn’t manage…

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