10. Picture Perfect


I lifted the piece of black cloth from the drawer where I’d stashed it and held it up. I felt a twinge of guilt at the thought that it might be considered stolen. It was the same Niqaab that I’d snatched from Apa Aaisha.

I bit my lip as I remembered learning as a child that even if you took something from your siblings etc, it was still considered stealing. But it wasn’t like she asked for it back right? She knew I had it. Brushing of my conscience, I held it up to my face and tied it.

I couldn’t help but stare for a few moments in shock at the person reflected in the mirror in front of me. I looked completely different, even I didn’t recognise myself so there was no way that Mrs. Frere would. I stuffed a bunch of pillows and placed a wig at…

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