11. Picture Perfect


Credit goes to Farah from xoxomemongirl. I got a job for all of you, since it looks like she’s ending her blog soon, please go beg her to join us here at COARIN once she’s done. We’d love to have her join us

Please read SubhanAllah Alhmdulillah and Allahu Akbar 3 x before reading this post. 


Finishing up with the dishes I wiped my hands dry and started with my Tasbih Fathimi. Seriously, the days I skipped it, I could actually see the difference. The housework and chore would drag and feel like it took forever.

I’d finished all my before bed ‘rituals’ and was about to jump into bed when my phone beeped.

I lifted it and was unsurprised when I saw that it was from Diana, she probably wanted to inform me that she wouldn’t be coming into work tomorrow. I opened the message and the contents…

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