9. Picture Perfect


Tomatoes are red
 Blue cabbage is blue
Pesky housekeepers aren't sweet
And neither is stew.

The cabbage gets wilted
The carrots look dead
The broccoli gets wilted
And I'd rather eat butter and bread

I scowled and slammed the door. To hell with pesky, irritating housekeepers. Why did she have to be so controlling?

Of course, I knew it wasn’t her fault. It was that stupid ‘matrons’, if she could just keep her nose where it belonged, I wouldn’t be having this problem. If she didn’t complain to papa then he wouldn’t have asked Mrs Frere to wait till he came home before knocking off for the day and that I mustn’t be allowed to go anywhere because I was grounded.

Still scowling, I surveyed my surroundings and sighed, I could climb out my window but Mrs Frere was watching the entrance gate like a hawk so I wouldn’t manage…

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