12. Picture Perfect


Please think of 3 of the favours Allah has given you and say Alhamdulillah 3 times.

I spun around surveying the tiny room. Okay not so tiny but still, it was nothing compared to my lovely spacious room back home. Not that it mattered, I currently hated Papa. How could he kick me out of my own home. Which father is so heartless?

I’d tried everything short of throwing a tantrum, I’d even cried. Papa didn’t budge though, his steely determined eyes boring through me as he murmured, “It’s for your own good sweetheart,” just about broke my heart. Own good my foot! He just wanted to get rid of me. Everyone gets tired of me after a while and they all seem just too happy to get rid of me. Not that it mattered, I’m sure ‘Matron’ will get sick and tired of me soon enough. I’ll just have…

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