13. Picture Perfect


The first person you see smiling after reading this post, make the following Dua for them:

Adhakallahu Sinnak

May Allah keep you smiling always

I spent the next few days being as horrible as I could, not cleaning behind myself, being rude and trying my hardest to make her give up and send me back home.

All that was happening was that I was becoming frustrated and guilt was plaguing me. How was she not getting mad? I ate and would just leave the dishes. Wordlessly, she’d do the dishes. She’d say something and I wouldn’t even raise my head to acknowledge I’d heard her. She’d ask me something and I’d bark out one word answer’s – but only after she’s repeated the question numerous times. How was it possible for someone to have so much patience?

Even Papa tired of me after a while so how come she wasn’t?…

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