26. Picture Perfect 


As I turned around and began to walk away, my phone pressed to my ear, I heard the squeak of a door-hinge behind me. I spun around so fast, the phone slipped from my hand. It crashed into the ground and the back cover along with the battery fell out.

I knelt to pick it up, much to my relief to screensaver had done it’s job and my phone looked to be in working order. I straightened up to find matron in front of me. So she had been home afterall.

I stared at her blankly. Now that she had actually opened the door… I was at a loss for what to do.

“Haalah! What’s wrong? What happened?” she blurted out. Not waiting for me to answer, she grabbed my hand and ushered me in. She pulled me into the lounge and sat me on the couch. I blinked at…

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25. Picture perfect 


His name involuntarily passed through my lips, a soft breath that was remarkably close to a sob. Regret rose in my chest almost throttling me with its intensity. But more than the choking regret was the dull throb of sadness that pounced through my entire being at the look in his eyes.

The sadness that was always there, that never left me, returned with increased intensity, until I felt myself reaccustoming to the sad, melancholic, utterly miserable feeling that plagued me perpetually.

I swallowed hard as I realised how utterly selfish I was. Clenching and unclenching my fists, I bit down hard on my bottom lip.

Why was I such a terrible person? Why did it take a certain dark eyed, curly haired boy’s persistence to get me to open my eyes to reality.

A reality that shocked me to the core. I guess you can never get better insight…

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24. Picture Perfect 


“Let all that water out, yes that’s it. If you can talk, it means you okay.” A soft voice reached my ears and having no other choice, I went along and stopped struggling against his hold.

The coughing gradually receded but my throat felt as if it were on fire. I felt a water bottle against my lips and drank gratefully before finally, those hands let me go and I lay down in the sand, curling up into a small ball, I was exhausted, my whole body felt drained and for some reason, I felt like crying. I curled up tighter, hugging my knees to my chest, my head buried in between them.

I felt someone holding my hand and then Saadiqah spoke, “Are you okay? I’m so so sorry. Haalah?”

Having no energy to speak, I simply nodded.

As I recovered and my heartbeat returned to normal, I began…

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23. Picture Perfect 


Another Marathon coz we just so awesome… And because we need to make it up to y’all for our terrible inconsistent posting. Last one for this year… enjoy!

I slid through the spot between the shrubs that Saadiqah indicated to me, then kicked of my flip-flops, well technically Saadiqah’s, since all the clothes I was wearing belonged to her. An excited giggle escaped my lips and I blocked my mouth to stifle it.

Grabbing Saadiqah’s hand as soon as she finished slip off her niqaab and abaya, I twirled around with her.

She stared at me amused once we’d finally gotten our bearings back. Yeah, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to twirl so fast, the world was still spinning.

“What’s up with you? You’re acting like a kid high on cotton candy.” Saadiqah folded her abaya, and placed it neatly next to the shrubs.

I shrugged, having no…

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22. Picture Perfect 


“Stay please. I really want to spend more time with you.” Saadiqah’s pleading sentiments played in my mind as I found myself checking out of my hotel the next day. This was very unlike me but then again, wasn’t this whole trip all about letting go of all inhibitions and being crazy?

Even if crazy involved accepting the invitation of an acquaintance to come stay with her for a few day.
Something I hadn’t done since…. Since mama left.

I swallowed hard. This was ridiculous. I should be able to think about mama without getting worked up. Its not like she deserved any angsting over her.

I was turning over a new leaf and opening a new chapter in my life. Something that Apa Aaisha bayaaned me lots about. Of course, Apa’s bayaans included a lot about turning to Allah but I’d worry about that later on.

For now I…

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21. Picture Perfect


Assalaamu Alaykum. We have a surprise for y’all coz we just that awesome. Another posting marathon!! Enjoy!

Ps. Something I’ve been wanting to say for a while…. Plz don’t taking it wrong…

When I was little, I had a stamp set, but in it were a few stamps that had moorats. I never ever used those, no did I ever allow anyone else to… Now I’m grown up and have many different social media platforms, wordpress being one of them… Qnd we have emojis…. Now in my heart, I feel smilies are wrong and are moorat. I’m not condemning anyone for using them but I just want to ask y’all to abstain from using them on my section of thr blog, in the comments etc. (And yes I’m that annoying person who bayaans her Whatsapp contacts for sending her moorat emojis). Sorry for the bayaan.

I stepped out of the…

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20. Picture Perfect 


“Do you want to play with a ball ⚽ sweety,” I murmured in my most sugary voice. He eyed me suspiciously before shyly whispering, “Yes please.”

I quickly fetched the ball and almost felt bad when I say the delighted, trusting look in his eye. Almost but not quite. He’d learn not to trust so easily sooner or later. In this case, I’m pretty sure it’ll be the former.

“Catch!” I shouted to him and tossed the ball gently in his direction. Excited he jumped up, grabbing the ball, not noticing the keys that slipped from his fingers.
Stealthily, I picked it up before he could notice, and leaving him immersed in his toys, I darted out the front door.Starting the ignition of gramps VW, I felt a burst of excitement pouring through my veins.

Sure, I wasn’t exactly the most well-behaved kid, but this was the first time in…

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19. Picture Perfect 


I stared hatefully at the little boy, who sat and munched on a packet of chips, blissfully oblivious to the tension he’d caused.

I willfully remained silent, not wanting to have anything to do with gran or gramps. This of course, made gran angry while gramps, even though he hadn’t said anything, was clearly uncomfortable.

As for that little brat, he’d finally stopped bugging me to ‘pway with me pwease’. It had taken a packet of papa’s favourite chips but…. It was for a good cause. I didn’t want to play with the irritating brat.

So I voiced my thoughts and tossed him the packet of chips when he didn’t stop nagging, with firm instructions to just shut his mouth and eat the chips.

Obviously, gran wasn’t around at that time so I didn’t need to bother about minding my language.

Papa had disappeared a long time ago, leaving me…

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18. Picture Perfect 


I stared at gran in horror. ‘Who could that be? Why would they bring a small child with them. A small child who called gramps… Well, gramps. And why would…. I mean….. Gramps and gran had only one child so that would mean….’ My mind assaulted me with a series of hysterical thoughts, destroying the happiness that I was slowly starting to gain.

Well, it wasn’t happiness exactly but a feeling that I couldn’t explain. I felt…. Settled, not so full of turmoil all the time. And now THAT woman had to spoil it.
I turned to gran, “Who is that? And why is he in my house?” My voice was tight and there was clear hatred oozing out of every pore.
Papa squeezed my hand and whispered to me, “Easy, Halo, easy.” I froze. Papa hadn’t called me Halo in… Many many many years. ‘Probably because I was far…

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17. Picture Perfect


السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Hope u guys r all well and still existing. I wouldn’t b surprised if u ditched the story but… Plz bear with me. I’ve received lots of complaints about ditching Haalah so I finally managed to get something written. After all, so many ppl have left Haalah… Its mean for the author of her story to leave her too… Or for her readers to ditch her!

(Uneditted: just ignore the mistakes. I’ve no time to edit and all that stuff. Anyways, its EXTRA long to make up for my long absence.)

I curled up in the grass on the lawn, enjoying the scratchy feel of the grass against my feet.

I don’t know what’s happening to me but this book… It’s like it has a magnetic pull. Every free moment I have, I run to read it. Its really short but… I winced guiltily. I…

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